Cabling & Bracing

Cobra Cabling System

Trees can be hazardous. Their parts can fail and cause injury or damage to people and property. Cabling and bracing provides support and reinforcement to improve structural defects. They can be used to successfully prolong the life of an otherwise desirable tree. However they are not advisable in every situation.

Urban trees and their habits sometimes lead to situations where branch attachments and crotch angles are not suitable for carrying their own weight or additional weight in the form of wind loading etc. Some trees tend to split into 2 or more stems (or trunks) very low. Although not in every example but often, this can lead to one or multiple failures.

Bracing of decayed co-dominant stems

Cabling, which is fast becoming a generic term (traditionally high tensile steel hardware

systems are used whereas now synthetic, UV resistant cordage is becoming popular as it can reduce the wounding of a possibly already stressed tree unit) & bracing should only be installed when the tree owners are willing to take responsibility for professional tree inspections over the remainder of the life of the tree. This does not guarantee safety, yet as mentioned above CAN prolong the life of an otherwise desirable tree.

Arbor Logic Arborists can help to ascertain what trees if any on your property are potentially hazardous, yet may be able to have their longevity prolonged through the above arboricultural procedures.