Plant Health Care

Plant Health Care (PHC) has been developing over the years in order to explain and correct the problems that people experience with their plants and lawn. Development is such, that now an intensive PHC and an integrated pest management (IPM) program is monitored throughout the year. The objective of PHC is to maintain or improve a landscape’s appearance, vitality and-in the case of trees-health and safety.

Arbor Logic is 100% Organic and uses no chemicals in any of its treatments. We focus on a natural approach trying to emulate nature using only, organic bio-active compost mediums and fertilizers to improve soil and tree health.

The urban environment is harsh on soils. Construction of our houses and landscapes can render a lot of soils inert and depleted. Excavation equipment, building materials and continued cultural malpractice removes our top soils, kills essential beneficial biology and causes layers of compaction, making healthy plant growth extremely difficult. Most problems associated with plant material is usually due to poor soil condition, poor planting or poor management. Improving the plant and soils overall health in turn improves the plants ability to resist and combat attack from pests and pathogens.

The plant material on your property is interlinked through the root systems. Every treatment applied to your lawn can impact the vitality and appearance of surrounding trees and shrubs (this applies conversely) so using chemical or synthetic fertilizers for any application may have negative effects on surrounding plant material not to mention the surrounding environment. The care of each plant in a landscape can affect the health of every plant in that landscape.

Every landscape is different, so, the needs of every landscape are different. There is no standard program. Sometimes the cause of concern is a minor problem treated with a single application. Other times several years of treatment may be necessary. Understanding your plants and their requirements is the key to good plant health

Arbor logic can help you ascertain the root of the problems you may be experiencing and help to overcome these issues and restore your landscape to the vital, healthy investment that is nature in our urban environment.