Tree Planting

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Planting a tree is not quite as simple as digging a hole and putting it in the ground.

Certain considerations must be taken when planting, such as plant species, location, sun/shade tolerance, ph desirability, and planting depth. Think of a newly planted tree as a lifetime investment. How well your tree grows depends on type, location of planting as well as correct installation

Follow-up-care is also essential to providing a tree with the necessities for healthy growth. If a tree has been properly cared for in the nursery and transport care has been appropriate, then planting can be performed at almost any time of the year.

Preparing the hole is crucial for plant development. A common adage is that it is better to plant a $100 tree in a $200 hole than a $200 tree in a $100 hole. Digging a broad, shallow, planting hole without disturbing the soil beneath the root ball helps to prevent settling of the plant. Breaking the soil in an area around the tree helps to encourage root growth into the surrounding soil. Determining the region where the trunk meets the roots is necessary to ascertain the correct planting depth and helps to establish a healthy plant, minimizing the risk of infection or decay.

Arbor Logic Arborists are educated in understanding where and how plants should be established, giving your plant material the best possible chance of a healthy start and optimal requirements for growth.